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The journey through life leads each of us on many different paths - these may be straightforward and easy to navigate while, at other times, we may find ourselves on twists and turns that lead to feeling confused and in turmoil, making it hard to discover the way ahead.

We may have encountered life events which are distressing and traumatic and challenge our view of who we are and what our lives are about or we may just know that 'something isn't right'.  We can be left feeling anxious, depressed, lost and confused as we struggle to deal with these emotions by ourselves or believe that no one in our lives can truly help or understand. 

If you are feeling like this, then you are not alone.  Counselling can help by offering a safe and confidential listening space in which to explore and share your thoughts and emotions.  Through this process, you can rediscover your inner voice which can provide the answers needed to guide you along the way forward and help you step back on your path in life.

Forest Path
Life coaching

Working With Jayne 

Dip. Counselling;  MNCPS

My commitment, as a counsellor, begins with honouring you as an individual - this is your path, your process and your life.  I will walk beside you offering reflection, empathy, validation and support and always work in a way which supports you as a unique person, in your entirety of mind, heart, body and spirit - the whole of you is welcome here.

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